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What is Rolfing?

Rolfing is a form of therapeutic bodywork and movement education releasing patterns of stress and tension held in the body.  It brings the body's natural structure into balance and alignment, optimizing function of the entire body in ten Rolfing sessions (also known as the Ten Series).

What is the Ten Series and how does it work?

Each session focuses on specific areas, freeing restrictions to create and restore ease in movements with increased range of motion.

Sessions 1-3 work to balance the surface layers of connective tissue (fascia), opening the breath, upper and lower legs, feet, neck and spine.  It also looks at the position of the head, shoulders and hips in relation to gravity.

Sessions 4-7 bring focus to the pelvis, the deep fascia of the legs, balancing the abdominal muscles, neck and head.  It looks at how the body is supported.

Sessions 8-10 support the body's ability to accept, adapt and integrate the changes to create a higher level of order and balance.  It addresses the body as a whole.

What does it feel like and what is my role in a session?

The sessions can be varied in their intensity. Continuous communication between client and Rolfer are essential in ensuring a balance between effectiveness, level of comfort and the amount of direct pressure necessary to affect change.  The Rolfer will work at varying levels of pressure while asking for movement from the client to release the patterns of tension and allow the body to re-organize itself. As the body becomes more integrated, clients report having increased awareness in their body, a sense of lightness and ease in movement, and relief from chronic patterns of pain.

Why Ten Sessions?

This allows the Rolfer to address the entire body in a systematic manner, building on the progress from the prior session.  Sessions are generally a week apart and last for about an hour (inclusive of postural and gait analysis, and bodywork). 

Do I have to do the entire ten sessions?

You can have as many or as few sessions as you'd like. Some clients with chronic problems choose to extend their Rolfing beyond the ten sessions. An approach will be created that best serves your goals. 

What should I wear?

Each session looks at posture and movement before, during and after the session.  Female clients are asked to wear a bra (not crossback) and underwear or spandex shorts for both male and female.  This will allow a better visual in assessments.  There will be sheets and blankets for your comfort.

I'm a Certified Advanced Rolfer and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist. 

My practice and studies encompass Orthopaedic massage, Shiatsu, Complete Decongestive Therapy (Lymphatic Drainage), Structural Integration, Yoga, and as a certified NASM Personal Trainer. 

My intention is to support clients' wellness goals with a holistic approach, helping them achieve and progress towards happy, healthy and active lifestyles by working closely with them, and collaborating with other professionals in the field.

To schedule an appointment, please call Jennifer Soon at (302) 494-8222. My email is rolf.soon@gmail.com.

Jennifer Soon | Certified Advanced Rolfer
Orange County, CA | Irvine, CA | Newport Beach, CA | Santa Ana, CA
(302)494-8222 | rolf.soon@gmail.com